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Weather Quality Reporter

This is the control page for the Weather Quality Reporter. This is a part of the Citizen Weather Observer Program.

This page allows you to add a site to be monitored for data quality reporting. To sign up, you must provide a site code used by APRSWXNET, and an email address that works. When you enter one or more site codes, an email will be sent to the address that you provided. You must click on a link in that email to confirm your address. Data quality emails will be sent no more than once per day, and then only if there are problems with your data. Absence of data is not (currently) treated as a problem.

Only sites in North America, Central America and the Carribean are monitored. If you are outside those regions, then you are welcome to try and register, but it is likely that an error message will be displayed later saying that no data has been analyzed. Sorry.

You can also sign up for a low traffic mailing list to discuss weather quality issues at wxqc.

You can enter a site code in a number of formats:

  • NWS ID (aka AFOS ID): This is the five character id like Cxxxx, Dxxxx, APxxx and ARxxx.
  • Amateur Radio Callsign: You know what this is if you have one.
  • Citizen Weather ID: This is six characters of the form CWxxxx, DWxxxx.

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Useful Links

QCMS Description: This describes how the quality checks are performed by the FSL.

CWOP Station Information: Full information, including latest quality control results and the red/green mark, for each station.

CWOP Station Photographs: See which stations have photographs available.

CWOP Station Location Errors: Some CWOP station locations and/or altitudes do not seem correct. This page shows those stations.

CWOP Barometer Miscalibration report: This shows the CWOP sites which have barometers which appear to be miscalibrated.

Stuck sensors: This lists the stuck sensors across the CWOP network. It is fairly slow to generate, so please wait for it to complete.

Overall sensor quality: This shows the overall status of the CWOP stations, broken down by sensor type.

Google map showing which sites are being searched: Sometimes interesting map that shows which sites are being searched for (on google). Can show world events.

APRS Weather Wiki: This is an overview of how APRS and Weather reporting fit together. There are a bunch of good links there as well. On the other hand, if you are ready to sign up here, then you probably don't need the Weather Wiki!

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